Tips and Instructions: All-Levels Full-Body Workout


This is a combo of 7 exercises that combine cardio and strength training into a quick, equipment free, full-body workout. Options are demonstrated for low and high impact options and strength progressions. The number of reps shown on the video clips is a suggestion. Work where your body is at in the moment and feel free to adjust the number of reps. Think quality over quantity! Also, always remember to do a 5-minute warm-up at the beginning of your workout and a full body stretch at the end.

This workout can be done as a single round of each exercise or you can run through it 2-3 times. I like to combine the first two exercises as a set, the third and fourth exercises as a set, and the last three exercises as a set.

Exercise 1—Squat and Shuffle: x 10 reps

Option 1 is done on the spot. Option 2 is to hop forward into your squat and shuffle back to the start.

  • As you squat keep your knees overtop your ankles, your spine long, and your chest tall. Focus on sitting your butt back as if into a chair. If you are hopping, work on landing gently and keeping the knees over the ankles as you land.
  • Shuffle for 4 steps on the spot or travelling backward. Keep your feet hip-width apart and sink down into a mini-squat if you want to make it more challenging.

Exercise 2—Plank and Triceps Push-Up Combo: x 10 reps

Option 1 is both exercises are done from the knees. Option 2is both exercises are done from the toes. If a full set at the Option 2level is too much, you can start there and adjust to Option 1 as needed.

  • Keep your hips lifted in both your plank and your push-up while helping your body to maintain one long line. Think about keeping your pelvis and ribcage at a similar height and avoid letting your hips sink towards the floor.
  • Slightly tuck your tailbone to help engage the lower abdominals.
  • Widening your feet will help keep you stable as you alternate crossing your arms.
  • Avoid twisting or rocking the body as you cross your arms. Stabilize through your core!
  • As you lower in your triceps push-up, keep your elbows tucked next to your ribs.

Exercise 3—Side Lunge with Leg Lift: x 10 reps per side

The bigger the lunge to the side and the higher the leg lift, the more intense the exercise will be.  You can also adjust this exercise by simply stepping the legs together as you come out of the slide lunge, omitting the knee-lift and twist at the end.

  • As you step out to the side, that knee bends while the opposite leg remains straight. Keep your bent knee over top your ankle and sit your bum back as you lower into the side lunge.
  • Keep your spine long and chest lifted throughout the exercise. Avoid looking at the floor or rounding the shoulders or upper back. It is irrelevant if your hands can touch the floor in your side lunge.
  • As you come into the side leg lift, flex the lifting foot and keep your toes pointed forward. Avoid opening the hip as you lift.

Exercise 4—Extensions: x 10 reps

Option 1 is the legs remain static and the movement comes from the upper body only. Option 2 is both the upper and lower body extending.

  • Press your low back into the mat and ensure it does not start to arch at any point in the exercise. If your back starts to lift, make your extension small until you can complete it without involving the low back.
  • The lower the arms and legs come down, the more challenging it will be.
  • Keep the abdominals engaged throughout the exercise.

Exercise 5—Jacks: x 10-20 reps

Option 1 is low impact jacks—stepping—rather than hopping. Option 2 is a high-impact jumping-jack.

  • Do not let your knees or toes point inward as you come in the widest stance of your jacks. Keep them facing forward or slightly open to the sides.
  • Think about engaging through the lats in your back and abdominals in the front as you pull your arms down.

Exercise 6—Plie Squat: x 10 reps

Adding the arms will help to not only intensify the exercise but also active both the chest and upper back.

  • Open up the hips and have a wide stance for your plie squats. Angle your kneecaps and toes out the sides of the room (as far as is comfortable). Feet should be wider than your shoulders. At the lowest point of your squat, your knees should be over your ankles.
  • Makes sure your knees do not collapse inward as you squat.
  • Squeeze your upper back, while pulling shoulder blades to spine as you open the arms. Squeeze your chest, and think about actively pulling the arms towards each other as you close the arms.

Exercise 7—Dolphin-Plank Combo: x 10 reps

Option 1 is transitioning to the knees as you come to plank. Option 2 is staying on the toes as you come into plank.

  • To set up dolphin have your elbows slightly in front of your shoulders. Make a triangle with the arms; elbows shoulder-width apart on the mat with the hands laced together. From a kneeling position, tuck your toes and press up into dolphin just as you would in down dog.
  • In dolphin, think about pulling your shoulder blades down your back and pressing the forearms into the mat.
  • Transition into plank pose, while supporting your body through the transition. Do not let your hips sink. Just like in your plank/push-up combo, keep your body in a long line and support yourself from underneath.
  • In plank try to line up your shoulders over your elbows, while relaxing the shoulders away from the ears, and gently tuck the tailbone.
  • Ground through your forearms, while engaging your back muscles as you press from plank back to dolphin.
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