DSC_9534-2I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga instructor, with over a decade of experience working in the field of health and fitness.  I truly love supporting people to make healthy changes and lead more active lifestyles, but what I am most passionate about is helping them to have fun, and to have a positive relationship with their body throughout the process. My goal, regardless of where they are at in their fitness journey, is to make my clients and participants feel stronger, more confident, and proud of what their bodies are capable of.

When I first started out as a personal trainer I didn’t think the majority of my clients would all have the same program request: make it efficient and something that can be done anywhere. While I’ve had a diverse range of clients, they all have one thing in common—they’re busy: they are professionals that have to travel for work; they are working moms with little time for themselves; they are students on a tight budget exercising in their dorm rooms. This is where the inspiration for this website arose from— fitness that fits your needs, your schedule, and your budget.

Here you will find minimalist exercises that can be done anywhere with little to no equipment, and information about how to make your workout or yoga practice safe, effective, and efficient.


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